Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The URNRD is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors. Board members serve constituents within their respective subdistricts; one board member is elected from each subdistrict, and one at-large member is elected. The URNRD Board of Directors is elected to protect your natural resources by providing a local voice. If you have a question or concern regarding groundwater, conservation or land use, please contact your local board member.

The URNRD Board of Directors is responsible for establishing District policies, programs, rules and regulations, and adopting the necessary budget, in order to fulfill the responsibilities of the District as authorized and required by law. The Board is also responsible for overseeing management to ensure that the policies, programs, regulations, and budget are carried out as intended, and for approving District expenditures. The day-to-day management is the General Manager’s responsibility. In general, the Board sets policy and the staff carries it out.

Janice Stroup

Subdistrict 1
Director since: 2018
Subdistrict boundaries: Southeast Dundy County
Occupation: Farmer, agronomist, owns/operates her own scouting business, mail carrier

Terry Martin

Subdistrict 2
Director Since: 2003
Subdistrict Boundaries: South central Dundy County including the city of Benkelman
Occupation: Farmer
Martin is currently President of the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts and the URNRD's representative on the board of the Nebraska Cooperative Republican Platte Enhancement Project (NCORPE).

Dave Brown

Subdistrict 3
Director Since: 2021
Subdistrict Boundaries: North central and western Dundy County including the community of Haigler; south central and southwest Chase County including the community of Champion
Occupation: Farmer 

Jason Kunkel

Subdistrict 4
Director Since: 2011
Subdistrict Boundaries: North central and northwestern Chase County, including the community of Lamar and the northwestern portion of Imperial; southwest Perkins County including the community of Venango
Occupation: Farmer

Harry Merrihew

Sub District 5
Director since: 2019
Sub Distrcit: East side of the City of Imperial
Occupation: Retired

Dean Large

Subdistrict 6
Director Since: 1991
Subdistrict Boundaries: Northeast and southeastern Chase County, including the city of Wauneta
Occupation: Agricultural sales, farmer

CJ Swanson

Subdistrict 7
Director Since: 2021
Subdistrict Boundaries: Southwest Imperial
Occupation: Farmer

Tyler Turner

Subdistrict 8
Director since: 2019
Subdistrict boundaries: Northwest Perkins County
Occupation: Farmer

Tom Schroder

Subdistrict 9
Director Since: 2009
Subdistrict Boundaries: Central Perkins County, including the eastern half of the city of Grant
Occupation: Farmer

Jay Lee

Subdistrict 10
Director Since: 2019
Subdistrict Boundaries: Northeast Perkins County, including the communities of Madrid, Elsie and Grainton
Occupation: Farmer

Brock Stromberger

At Large
Director Since: 2019
Subdistrict Boundaries: At Large
Occupation: Farmer