Jasper Fanning

General Manager
(308) 882-5173

Overall administrator of the District.

Fanning understands the value of natural resources in the URNRD and the relationship between regulations and the economy of the region. Fanning led development of the NCORPE and Rock Creek augmentation projects in Lincoln and Dundy Counties, respectively, that have allowed the State of Nebraska to maintain compliance with the three-state Republican River Compact without ceasing irrigation on thousands of cropland acres in the Republican Basin.

Deb Hayes

Office Manager/Administrative Assistant

Hayes is responsible for the keeping of financial, personnel, policy and meeting records for the NRD. 

Nate Jenkins

Assistant Manager

Jenkins develops and implements District projects, manages external District communication efforts, and oversees grant requests and programs.

Bruce Curtis

Assistant Manager

Curtis assists in the management of the quantity and quality of the District’s ground water resources.  

Julia Strand

Water Program Specialist

Strand is a Water Program Specialist and her duties include working with variance requests, the water quality program, and managing the database and GIS program.

Mike Nesbitt

Conservation Programs Coordinator

Nesbitt oversees the District's tree program, and is responsible for irrigation and chemigation related work in Perkins County. 

Danielle Haarberg

Information and Education Specialist

Haarberg coordinates media relations, education programs and website.

Cooper Bollman

Conservation Technician
(308) 883-0415

Bollman is responsible for irrigation and chemigation related work in Chase County. 

John Lemon

Conservation Technician

Lemon is responsible for irrigation and chemigation related work in Dundy County. He also oversees the buffer strip program, equipment maintenance and equipment rental for the District.

Todd Burrell

Conservation Technician

Burrell is responsible for the Rock Creek Augmentation Site in Dundy County.

Wilma Zimbelman


Zimbelman provides secretarial support in the main District office. 

Dwain Curtis

Conservation Technician

Curtis works part-time and assists the full time technicians with their duties.

Rebecca Spady

Imperial Field Office Secretary

Spady provides secretarial support for District & United States Department of Agriculture NRCS programs in the Imperial NRCS office. 

Patricia Clough

Grant Field Office Secretary

Clough provides secretarial support for URNRD & United States Department of Agriculture NRCS programs in the Grant NRCS office.