URNRD Launches 2024 Probe Cost Share Program

URNRD Launches 2024 Probe Cost Share Program

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Applications to receive cost share for soil-moisture probes used in 2024 are now being accepted by the Upper Republican NRD. Under the program, irrigators in Perkins, Dundy and Chase Counties are reimbursed for half the cost of up to three soil-moisture probes.

Use of soil-moisture probes with telemetry that relay moisture data and irrigation recommendations have been shown to reduce water use by approximately 1”-2” during years when precipitation is near average or above average. Such probes are sold by several different companies with a presence in this area; the average cost of a probe is roughly $1,000 - $1,500.

The cost-share program is made possible by a $124,000 grant the NRD received in 2020 from the State of Nebraska’s Water Sustainability Fund. The NRD has used various grants over the years to provide cost share for around 1,120 probes on approximately 145,000 acres since 2012.

Applications are available HERE. They can also be picked up at the office in Imperial, 511 East Fifth Street.