URNRD Accepting Applications for Probe Cost Share

URNRD Accepting Applications for Probe Cost Share

Monday, January 11, 2021

The Upper Republican NRD is accepting applications from irrigators for cost share to encourage the use of soil-moisture probes. The application period will end when all available cost-share funds have been obligated.

Application forms are available on the homepage of the URNRD website, www.urnrd.org, and at the NRD office at 511 East Fifth Street in Imperial. The program is made possible by a $124,000 grant from the State of Nebraska’s Water Sustainability Funds that will provide cost share in 2021 and 2022.

Participants will be reimbursed for half the cost of up to three probes installed after they are accepted into the program. Cost share is limited to one probe per field and probes must be used in Chase, Perkins and/or Dundy Counties. Reimbursable expenses include all probe-related services such as installation and subscriptions but must include the cost of the actual probe. Participants can’t receive cost share from NRCS on the same probes that are used under the URNRD program.

Since 2012, the NRD has provided cost share for approximately 785 probes in the district, in most years utilizing federal or state grant funds in addition to URNRD funds. Anecdotally, irrigators say use of probes can reduce water use by approximately 1”-2” annually depending on precipitation. Studies on the impact of using probes have indicated similar water-use reductions.

Completed application forms can be scanned and emailed to natejenkins@urnrd.org, dropped off at the NRD office in Imperial, or mailed to: URNRD, PO Box 1140, Imperial, NE 69033.