State Grant, NRD to Provide Cost Share For Soil Moisture Probes

State Grant, NRD to Provide Cost Share For Soil Moisture Probes

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

IMPERIAL, Neb. – Cost-share funds that pay for one-half of the cost of soil moisture probes are available from the Upper Republican NRD.

The NRD is accepting applications from ag producers/landowners in Chase, Dundy and Perkins Counties to get reimbursed for the cost of up to three soil moisture probes used in 2019. The application period begins now. Applications will be accepted and approved on a first-come, first-serve basis until all available cost share has been obligated.

The cost share program in 2019 is aided by a $86,000 grant the NRD recently received from the Nebraska Water Sustainability Fund, which is overseen by the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission. The grant will pay 30% of probes and related costs; the URNRD will pay 20% and farmers will pay the remaining half.

Cost share can be applied to all moisture probe-related services so long as the cost of the actual probe is included. For example, when cost share is applied to the cost of buying or renting the probe, cost share can also be used towards probe installation and subscription fees.

Using soil moisture probes and following irrigation scheduling recommendations that they offer has been demonstrated to reduce water use by about 2” per acre. Since the NRD began offering cost share for probes in 2012, producers have used the programs to install probes on approximately 67,000 acres in the District.

There are no restrictions on what types of soil-moisture probes can be used, but the probes must be used within the Upper Republican NRD.

To apply for cost-share, get an application form from the URNRD website at or pick one up at the office at 511 East Fifth St. in Imperial. Completed forms can be dropped off at the office, mailed to the office at Upper Republican NRD, PO Box 1140, Imperial, NE 69033, or scanned and emailed to

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