NRDs Taking Orders for Spring Conservation Tree Plantings

NRDs Taking Orders for Spring Conservation Tree Plantings

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Conservation Tree Windbreaks Provide Critical Livestock Protection

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Nebraska's Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) are actively taking orders for conservation tree seedlings, and the deadline to order is fast approaching. Secure your favorite species and make a lasting impact on your surroundings.

Since 1972, Nebraska’s NRDs have worked with communities and landowners to plant more than 100 million trees throughout the state. For approximately $1.20 each, conservation trees benefit both people and animals. They shade and shelter homes, reduce soil erosion, protect crops and livestock, provide food and cover for wildlife, buffer noise, provide valuable products and add beauty to the landscape.

During an especially snowy winter or scorching summer, windbreaks play an important role in protecting livestock. Windbreaks provide benefits to feedlots, pastures, and calving areas by reducing wind speeds and sheltering animals from the harsh elements. This not only reduces stress and mortality but decreases feed requirements saving the producer money and resources.

“The NRD Conservation Tree Program is not just about planting trees; it’s a strategic move to protect our natural resources,” said Dr. Orval Gigstad, Nebraska Association of Resources Districts president. “Each conservation tree seedling protects against soil erosion, acts as a shield protecting crops and livestock, and is a resilient force against the elements.”

As windbreaks age, NRD foresters suggest rehabbing existing windbreaks or designing plans for a new planting. The NRD Conservation Tree Program offers landowners a cost-effective way to protect their property. NRD staff and foresters work with landowners to select the right trees for the property, design the space, and many NRDs can even plant them for you.

In December 2021, Executive Travel announced a partnership with Nebraska’s NRDs to plant 1 million trees through the ETGreen campaign. In 2022 and 2023, the campaign funded more than 111,000 trees and in 2024, Executive Travel committed an additional $65,000 for tree planting. This partnership gives Executive Travel the opportunity to assist local landowners in planting all 1 million trees in Nebraska.

“Our unique collaboration with the NRDs not only underscores a commitment to sustainability but also ensures landowners receive support in their tree-planting endeavors,” said Steve Glenn, Executive Travel chairman. “This great network of local landowners who plant hundreds of thousands of trees annually guarantees trees are planted and cared for.”

Each NRD program varies, but possible tree program services include planting, weed barrier installation or weed control, and drip irrigation. Popular species sell out fast, so place your order now for the best selection. For more information on cost share availability or to place an order, contact your local NRD or visit and select “Find Your NRD.”

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The Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD), the trade association for Nebraska's 23 Natural Resources Districts (NRD), works with individual districts to protect lives, property and the future of Nebraska’s natural resources. NRDs are unique to Nebraska, and act as local government entities with broad responsibilities to protect Nebraska’s natural resources. Major Nebraska river basins form the boundaries of the 23 NRDs, enabling districts to respond to local conservation and resource management needs. Learn more about Nebraska’s NRDs at