Executive Travel Partners with Nebraska’s NRDs to Plant 1M Trees

Executive Travel Partners with Nebraska’s NRDs to Plant 1M Trees

Monday, December 27, 2021

LINCOLN, Nebraska – Executive Travel has announced a partnership with Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) to plant 1 million trees over the next five years through the ETGreen campaign, starting with 50,000 trees in 2022. ETGreen was launched in September 2021 and is designed to help Executive Travel’s customers offset their carbon footprint generated by airline travel. Partnering with Nebraska’s 23 NRDs gives Executive Travel the opportunity to assist local landowners in planting all 1 million trees in Nebraska.

“We are excited to partner with the NRDs on our sustainability program,” said Steve Glenn, Chairman of Executive Travel. “With our blockbuster ETGreen campaign we are showing our commitment to address the environmental concerns of our team and customers by planting trees to help mitigate greenhouse gases generated by our travelers. Planting trees not only helps our environment, but also beautifies the communities in which we live. The NRDs work closely with farmers, ranchers, and everyday Nebraskans to plant hundreds of thousands of affordable trees annually.”

In partnership with Nebraska’s NRDs, Executive Travel will source the trees from the USDA Forest Service’s Charles E. Bessey Nursery in Halsey, Nebraska. Landowners will order through their local NRD and can choose from up to 50 species to plant.

“In addition to the nearly 1 million trees Nebraska’s NRDs plant annually, this partnership with Executive Travel allows the NRDs to plant even more conservation trees throughout the state,” said Jim Eschliman, President of the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts. “The ETGreen initiative provides flexibility to local NRDs to reach as many landowners as possible and landowners can choose from a variety of trees that work best on their land.”

Since 1972, Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts have worked with communities and landowners to plant nearly 100 million trees throughout the state. For approximately $1 each, conservation trees benefit both people and animals. They shade and shelter homes, reduce soil erosion, protect crops and livestock, provide food and cover for wildlife, buffer noise, provide valuable products and add beauty to the landscape.

To participate in this local initiative and learn about additional cost-share programs, contact your local NRD or visit www.nrdnet.org and select “Find Your NRD.” Learn more about the NRD Conservation Tree Program at www.nrdtrees.org.