Grass Seed

Grass Seed

The URNRD aids the establishment and maintenance of rangeland throughout the District by providing grass seed and rental of no-till grass drills. Lawn grass seed is also available. Prices listed below are subject to change without notice.

Grass Drills

8' Drill: $5.50 per acre ($30 minimum charge)

12' Drill: $6 per acre ($30 minimum charge)

Out-of-District Mileage: $1 per mile

Deliver/Pick-Up Charge: $20

Grass Seed (prices per pound)

Blue Grama: $18.30

Smooth Brome: $4.80

Bowie Buffalo: $11.75

Cody Buffalo: $11.75

Countryside Bluegrass Mix: $4.56

Dura Turf II Fescue: $1.86

Reed Canary: $3.75

Side Oats Grama: $11.40

Tall Wheatgrass: 94 cents

Wildflower Mix: $32.64