NRD Field Office Secretary Job Description

NRD Field Office Secretary Job Description

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 11:00am


NRD Field Office Secretary

Full time position working at the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office in Grant, NE. Normal working hours will be from 7 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Normal weekly work time will not exceed forty (40) hours. Overtime, annual leave, sick leave, holidays, and other benefits will be granted in accordance with the NRD's personnel policy. Holidays may be adjusted to fit the NRCS schedule.

NRCS office in Grant, NE.

The NRD Field Office Secretary will be under the direct guidance of their respective NRCS District/Resources Conservationist and the NRD Office Manager. The District/Resources Conservationist will work with the NRD's General Manager on matters related to job performance, District personnel policy, and general responsibilities.

Salary will be set on a per-year basis by the NRD General Manager. Salary adjustments will be decided by the NRD General Manager.

The NRD Field Office Secretary is eligible for all benefits and leave in accordance with the NRD's personnel policy. Benefits include but are not limited to family health insurance and retirement fund contributions.

The NRD Field Office Secretary is responsible for assisting NRCS staff with carrying out NRCS and NRD duties. Duties will generally include secretarial and clerical responsibilities. This position requires knowledge of both NRD and NRCS programs. The NRD Field Office Secretary works with several federal agencies as well as the NRD staff. Duties also include working with the public both as they enter the office and over the telephone. The secretary must cooperate professionally with other employees and agencies and promote a friendly, positive office environment.

The NRD Field Office Secretary is the first contact for patrons of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Treat all customers courteously and fairly. Duties will include providing patrons with the necessary assistance or directing them to the proper staff person.

The NRD Field Office Secretary is expected to handle the day to day record maintenance, communication and related secretarial duties.

The NRD Field Office Secretary will work with many of the NRCS computer programs and will have the knowledge to handle and store the appropriate data on the system.

Duties will include monitoring and processing applications, contracts and other forms related to the federal and state cost share programs. The programs include but may not be limited to: Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Food Security Act (FSA), Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program (WHIP), Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP), and The Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation Program (NSWCP). The NRD Field Office Secretary will communicate with program cooperators as well as staff of the agencies involved with the programs.

Duties will include working with the NRCS filing and record keeping system. Responsibilities will encompass maintaining records for NRCS vehicles logs, timesheets, supplies and inventories.

The NRCS Field Office Secretary is also responsible for maintaining and updating the various manuals, handbooks, and informational material used by NRCS.

Duties will include handling incoming and outgoing mail.

The NRD Field Office Secretary will perform any additional tasks as they are assigned in a timely and satisfactory manner. They will be responsible for other duties assigned by the URNRD General Manager and NRCS District/Resources Conservationist. This employee will serve as an at-will employee of the District.

Due to the Freedom Information Act, the NRD Field Office Secretary is responsible for keeping private information private and secure. Hiring is contingent on results of background checks required by NRCS.

NRD Field Office Secretary Duties
• Customer and office service responsibilities including directing customers to proper staff, arranging appointments, and managing the office when management is not present.
• Mail handling including receiving and distributing incoming mail and preparing and sending outgoing mail.
• Database management and document preparation that includes use of or ability to learn Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Toolkit, ArcGIS, GPS and Dataviewer.
• File and document preparation/management including preparation of plan and soil maps and creating and maintaining contract files for participants in USDA programs. The employee will also maintain all files related to office operations and correspondence.
• Assist in preparation, recording and maintenance of documents related to cost-share programs (local NRD programs and NRCS – CRP, EQIP, WRP, WHIP, etc.)
• Maintain registers of highly erodible lands and wetlands. Prepare and maintain a cost docket of numerous conservation practices.
• File all new well registrations and provide registration information to landowners.
• Accept, process and report tree orders.
• Upon request, sell items including marker flags and gopher bait.
• Miscellaneous tasks including assisting in the field as needed, creating a monthly workload report, providing NRD information to the public, and assisting with events.

Upper Republican NRD is an Equal Opportunity Employer

To apply, fill out the application below, attach a resume if you have one and return it to the URNRD office at

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